The services of the Council are planned in a manner to create an ambience for providing appropriate services to its members by taking up on their behalf issues related to policy and procedures for exports, timely availability of finance, coordination with financial institutions, banks and other institutions.

The Council keeps its members abreast of the trends and opportunities in international markets to provide commercially useful information so as to help, sustain and expand their exports. It also offers professional advice to the members in areas such as, technology upgradation, quality and design improvement, product development, innovations, environment protections, standards and specifications.

In addition to the above, Council is always alert to the demands and ever changing needs of the small and medium enterprises in recognition to their commitments to exports and substantial contribution of the total engineering exports. It highlights issues related to small, medium and tiny sector exporters with the concerned authorities and also plays an active role in providing Market Development Assistance (MDA) for the cause of export marketing and market entries.