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RODTEP Revised Proforma

The Government of India has asked for a resubmission of RODTEP data based on a longer export time period. In the present format the data provided should be complete for exports made during the time period between 01.10.2019 and 31.03.2020. Accordingly we are requesting the members to re-submit the data in a revised proforma. The link of the same is given below.

Furthermore there are some aspects that need to be taken care of while filling the proforma. They are

  • For a particular manufactured export item, the details of all input(s) that are used in the manufacture of all types/styles of that particular export item should be indicated.
  • The incidence of duty should be restricted to currently un-refunded (i) duties/taxes/levies at the Central, State and local level, borne on the exported product, including prior stage cumulative indirect taxes on goods and services used in the production of the exported product and (ii) such indirect duties/taxes/levies on distribution of exported product. An illustrative list of various duties/ taxes/ levies that might remain unrefunded is mentioned in the attached excel file.
  • It may ensure that only taxes/levies/duties borne on the exported product which are at present not getting refunded/reimbursed under any other mechanism such as Duty Drawback, GST refunds, Central/State Govt. exemptions, subsidy, etc. are taken into account while calculating the tax incidence on the export product.
  • Data submitted should pertain to at least five units for each export product so as to be representative of the industry. The units should be carefully selected from amongst the small, medium as well as large manufacturer exporters.
  • Data provided should only be of manufacturers/ manufacturer exporters in the domestic tariff area and it should be certified by the manufacturer and its Chartered Accountant/ Cost Accountant.
  • The data should be supported by copies of relevant documents such as tax invoices of inputs used, shipping bills of export products, State Govt. notifications regarding taxes/levies like electricity duty, mandi tax etc.
  • The data provided should pertain to only those manufacturers/ units that are ready to have their records and production processes subjected to inspection by Customs/ Central Excise Department if required for the purpose of verifying the correctness of information
  • The data being presented should be the actual data for the period October 2019 to March 2020. There should be no linkage to SION and no assumption made on that basis
  • Supporting documents should be provided and certified by the manufacturer as well as your Cost Accountant/Chartered Accountant;
  • If you are using any abbreviation, please expand the same so that there is clarity on the abbreviation used; and
  • In case of Transportation, kindly mention the type of transportation being used (Rail/Road/ Waterways, etc) and how you are calculating the cost associated with it

Link: RoDTEP-Broad-Sheet

It is requested that the above information may kindly be sent to;; at the earliest.

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