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Doing Business in Thailand 2018 Dec-2017 Download
Russia`s participation as Partner Country at 6th IESS Dec-2017 Download
Post Show Report on Innovation & Technology at IESS VI Oct-2017 Download
Doing Business in India 2017 Aug-2017 Download
IESS VI Media Report Aug-2017 Download
EEPC AT WORK Aug-2017 Download
Report on INDEE Iran 2017 Jul-2017 Download
Medical Device Strategy Paper Jun-2017 Download
IESS VI Post Show Report Jun-2017 Download
Doing Business in Iran Mar-2017 Download
Doing Business in LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEANS Nov-2016 Download
Doing Business in Kenya 2016 Nov-2016 Download
Report on INDEE Sri Lanka 2016 Jun-2016 Download
Report on INDEE Cambodia 2016 May-2016 Download
Report on INDEE Peru 2015 May-2016 Download
Report on IESS 2015 May-2016 Download
Doing Business in Sri Lanka Mar-2016 Download
Doing Business in Cambodia Feb-2016 Download
Notice for holding of the 60th AGM of the Council Sep-2015 Download
Annual Report for the financial year 2014-15 Sep-2015 Download
Indian Pavilion in Asia Pharma Expo 2015, Dhaka Jan-2015
The Indian Show, 3 - 6 June, 2014, Pozan Jan-2015
Strategy Paper for Growth of Indian Engineering Reports (FY 2014 - FY 2019) Nov-2014
India Pavilion in METALEX 2014 Nov-2014
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