Promote 'Made in India' brand In the present scenario of global trade, emergence of trading block has necessitated the need for increased awareness on the India’s capabilities in the engineering sector and for popularizing the ‘Made in India’ brand image in the overseas markets.

With this objective in view, Council’s publicity programme does not only bank on releasing advertisements in leading dailies, but also highlighting the industrial image of India through screening of its film entitled: MADE IN INDIA at various Seminars/Conferences, Buyer-Seller Meets and International Exhibitions. Copies of this film are distributed amongst Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations both in India and abroad, Indian Missions in identified thrust market, Foreign Missions in India.

It also brings out product specific catalogues on a regular basis highlighting the major manufacturers of such products, standard adopted, export destination and other details in order to instill confidence amongst the buyers on the reliability of Indian products.

The foreign offices of the Council – on the other hand – are spearheading Council’s direct publicity in overseas markets by undertaking exhaustive mailing campaign, disseminate information on source of supply and developments.