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Members > Final Voter`s List for W.C Election 2018-19

Sl. No Panel Code Panel description
1 Panel P01 Renewable Energy Equipments
2 Panel P02 Industrial Machinery for manufacture of Paper, Cement and Chemicals including Pressure Vessels, Boilers and Heat Exchangers and Textile Mill Machinery & Accessories including all types of Knitting Machines
3 Panel P04 Agricultural Machinery - Field Equipments including Agricultural Tractors and Trailers Spare Parts and Agricultural Implements Tools Irrigation equipments such as sprinklers etc.
4 Panel P05 Industrial Machinery - others including Heating Cooling and Air-Conditioning Equipments.
5 Panel P06 Motor Vehicles excluding Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers.This will include Heavy Duty Trucks Jeeps Chassis Bus Bodies Ambulances Cars etc.)
6 Panel P17 Steel Pipes Tubes and Fittings thereof.
7 Panel P18 Steel Wire Products all types including Steel Wire Wire Ropes and Strands.
8 Panel P20 Sanitary Castings.(This will also include Valve Box Water Meter Box and Meter Lids).
9 Panel P22 Steel Forgings all types
10 Panel P23 Aluminium and Manufacturers thereof.
11 Panel P24 Non Ferrous Metals and Manufactures thereof (Other Than Aluminium) including EPNS Wares etc.
12 Panel P25 Design Technical and Consultancy Services.
13 Panel P31 Free Trade Zone and 100% Export Oriented units.
14 Panel P37 Ferro Alloys.
15 Panel P38 Stainless Steel House-ware Products.(This will cover Utensils Cutlery Kitchen Equipments etc.)
16 Panel P40 Industrial Equipments and Accessories
17 Panel P42 Pharmaceutical Machinery, Medical And Surgical Equipments
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