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Requirements for Obtaining RCMC by Online

1. Valid IEC

2. Basic System requirements of accessing of On-line RCMC

This is to inform you that the basic system's requirement of accessing of Online RCMC are given below :

Further, If the DSC issued is in the name of the representative / person and linked with the company / organization name then only the DSC will be working properly. In case, if the DSC is not linked with the company / organisation name, where the DSC is marked for Individual / Personal then such DSC will not work in the application software.

In case, if your DSC has not available for all policies, then you can purchase the DSC from the following service providers -

While purchasing the DSC kindly mention the CA / Service Provider that you need the DSC for Foreign Trade where such DSC is applicable for DGFT, Online Application of RCMC, Customs, etc.

However, due to certain technical glitches, it is SUGGESTED to procure your DSC from DGFT itself where the DSC is meant for Foreign Trade purpose and the IEC Code of the Company is embedded in the DSC.

3. User Manual for Applying of RCMC by Online

Applicant Section EEPC RO Admin Section

4. Applicants are requested to submit the hardcopy of the documents which were uploaded while submitting application by online to the respective branch of EEPC India for further processing. It is applicable for New, Renew and Revival cases of RCMC

5. Applicants should send the screenshot of the transaction id / UTR of the online payment using payment gateway / RTGS / NEFT. Please note that we are not accepting the payment by Cheque/DD

6. To know your panel, click here:

HS Code Product Description Panel Description

7. If you do not know the HS Code, please click here.


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