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EEPC India is pleased to inform you that EEPC India has set up a Standardization Cell at Bureau of India Standards (BIS), under the Standards National Action Plan (SNAP) of BIS, which is being implemented under the Indian National Strategy for Standardization (INSS) of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.


A. Head of Standardization Cell  

Name: Mr. Anupam Shah
Designation: Former Chairman & Chairman, EEPC India Committee on Technology Upgradation
Mobile No.: 98311 00952

B. Members in the cell  

  1. Name: Mr. Mahesh Desai
    Designation: Chairman, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98851 15448

  2. Name: Mr. Rohinton R. Engineer
    Designation: Working Committee Member, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98251 40248

  3. Name: Mr. Suranjan Gupta
    Designation: Executive Director, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98310 36814

  4. Name: Mr. Adhip Mitra
    Designation: Additional Executive Director & Secretary, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98312 34477

  5. Name: Mr. D.J. Basu
    Designation: Director (Personnel & Administration), EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98361 08659

  6. Name: Ms. Pallavi Saha
    Designation: Joint Director, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 98999 94374

  7. Name: Mr. Mayank Krishna
    Designation: Sr. Assistant Director, EEPC India
    Mobile No.: 88262 11228

The Standardization cell in EEPC India is set-up with the following objectives:

  • Identify areas/subjects/standards and technical committees of interest
  • Identify expertise available within the association
  • Coordinate amongst the industries seeking inputs on standardization issues
  • Create small groups responsible for examining, studying, evaluating standardization needs and requirements and framing & articulating industry viewpoints on standards and draft documents(including in international standardization)
  • Nominate relevant experts in BIS technical committees and participate in meetings
  • Comment on standards and draft documents and propose new subjects as relevant.
  • Engage experts in drafting of standards/amendments
  • Identify training /capacity building needs and nominate in training programmes
  • Partner/associate with BIS in conducting and in participating in seminars, workshops, etc.

Benefits to the industry:

  • Articulate industry’s aggregated viewpoints in a coherent manner
  • Actively engage in standards development and derive associated benefits like first hand knowledge on developments, access to R&D data, network with technology & industry leaders, etc.
  • Help the micro & small sector and others potentially unrepresented to project their views and protect their interests
  • Faster development of standards required by the industry

For any queries, inputs or feedback please contact: Mr. Mayank Krishna, Sr. Assistant Director, EEPC India at

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