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Territorial Committee (2015-17)

Name of the Committee Chairman of the Committee Designated Officer

Committee on Trade with ASEAN Countries

Shri P. K. Shah                    


Committee on Trade with GCC countries

Shri Ravi Sehgal


Committee on Trade with North America

Shri Anupam Shah


Committee on Trade with Latin America

Shri Pankaj Chadha


Committee on Trade with Western & 
Northern Africa

Shri Aakash Shah


Committee on trade with Central, Eastern & Southern Africa

Shri Mahesh K. Desai


Committee on Trade with West Europe

Shri T S Bhasin


Committee on Trade with Central Europe

Shri RP Jhalani


Committee on Trade with CIS Countries

Shri Aman Chadha


Committee on Trade with SAARC

Shri P. R. Venkatachalam


Committee on Trade with Australia, New Zealand

Shri Anoop Marwaha


Committee on Trade with West Asia other than GCC countries Shri Mukul Khandelwal

Committee on Trade with China, Korea & Japan

Shri Sarabhjit Singh Bhasin



Functional Committee (2015-17)

Committee on Overseas Territory Co-ordination 
Shri J S Bhasin

Committee on Drawback, Taxation including GST
Shri Pankaj Chadha

Committee on Budget & Finance
Shri Arun  Kumar Garodia

Committee on Banking – RBI/FEMA/ECGC
Shri Krishanlal Dhingra

Committee on MDA/MAI
Shri  R. P. Jhalani

Publicity, Exhibition & Delegation Committee
Shri Rakesh Shah

Committee on Foregin Trade Policy & WTO
Shri Anupam Shah

Committee on Raw Material
Shri Sharad Agarwal

Committee on Membership & Panel Classification
Shri PK Shah

Committee on Infrastructure
Ms. Kamna Raj Aggarwalla

Awards Committee
Shri TS Bhasin

Building Committee
Shri TS Bhasin

Committee on HRD
Shri R.P. Sehgal

Committee on Skill Development, Technology & R&D
Shri Mahesh  K Desai

Constitution Committee
Shri Aman Chadha

Committee of Elders Shri G.D. Shah  
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