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How to become a EEPC India member

To become a member of EEPC India, apply ONLINE. Before applying Online kindly ensure that you are having Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) along with the Token.

Following documents are required to be submitted

  • A self certified copy of the certificate/document relating the Import-Export Code number granted/allotted by the Licensing authority.
  • A certificate (in original) from a Chartered Accountant, certifying the export turnover figure (FOB value in Rupees) during year before the preceding year. In case there was no export during the preceding year (for new members) a NIL certificate should be obtained from the Chartered Accountant and attached. The CA certificate should not be more than 6 months.
  • List of partners/Directors with residential address duly certified/authenticated by any one of the partners/directors.
  • In case the application is being made for registration as a Manufacturer, the applicant should also submit
  • Manufacturer-Exporter Registered with DGTD/SIA Textile Commissioner./ FIPB, New Delhi (Self attested Photocopy of Industrial Licence to be attached) / (Registration Certificate No. & Date of issue)
  • Manufacturer-Exporter Registered under the MSME Act, 2006 with Small Scale Industries Service Institute or Director of Industries as MSME/SSI Unit) (Self attested Photocopy of the Registration Certificates to be attached)
  • Any other documentary evidence e.g. Certificate from Excise dept. etc. indicating the production figures. Excise duty paid thereon etc. as may be acceptable to the Council to determine that the applicant can be given a status of a Manufacturer.
  • The applicants while applying for the membership & registration shall have to enclose a demand draft/cheque drawn in favour of 'EEPC India' payable at Kolkata - Membership Subscription Account towards the applicable membership fees. Click Here for the Subscription Charges.


Membership Categories / Eligibility Criteria

The Council shall have the following categories of members, namely:

(a) Associate Members

(b) Ordinary Members


Associate Member 

A person shall be eligible for admission to the Council as associate member, on receiving the Import-­Export Code Number from the Director General Foreign Trade, Govt of India, in respect of the product with which the Council is concerned. 


Ordinary Member 

In order to be eligible for ordinary membership of the Council, a person must satisfy the following requirements, namely:

  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have been an associate member of the Council for at least three years.
  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have, to his or its credit, during the three financial years immediately preceding, average exports in respect of the product of not less than the amount mentioned below: 
  • MSME Rs. 30 Lakhs 
  • Others Rs. 50 Lakhs 
  • On becoming eligible to become an ordinary member, it is incumbent upon the Associate member to apply to the Committee of Administration in the prescribed format expressing his willingness to become an Ordinary member


Conversion into Associate membership

According to Article 9.2 of the Articles of Association of the Council, the Committee of Administration may, after giving a member reasonable opportunity of hearing, convert the membership of an ordinary member into an associate member, if his performance as an exporter of the product has, during the financial years immediately preceding, been below the average mentioned.



Affiliate Membership accommodates applicants dealing in products particularly which are non-engineering items according to their HS codes but are closely associated with the engineering sector.



Regional Offices:

Eastern Region

Ms. Anima Pandey

Regional Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 33) 22890673/74

Fax : (+91 33) 22890687


Northern Region

Mr. Rakesh Suraj

Regional Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 11) 23314171/74

Fax : (+91 11) 23317795


Southern Region

Mr. C. H. Nadiger

Regional Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 44) 28295501, 28295502

Fax : (+91 44) 28290495


Western Region

Mr. Rajat Srivastava

Regional Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 22) 42125555

Fax : (+91 22) 42125556


Sub-Regional Offices:


Mr. J. V. Raja Gopal Rao

Deputy Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 80) 25581396, 25588669

Fax : (+91 80) 25586914



Mr. Srinivas Chakravarthy

Assistant Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 40) 27536704

Telefax : (+91 40) 27536705



Mr. Opinder Singh

Deputy Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 181) 2602264

Fax : (+91 181) 2601124



Mr. Sudhakaran C.K. Nair

Senior Asst. Director

E-mail : /

Phone : (+91 79) 26588720

Mobile : +91 9725663534

Affiliate Membership accommodates applicants dealing in products particularly which are non-engineering items according to their HS codes but are closely associated with the engineering sector.
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