Financial assistance to engineering exporters- 
as Reimbursement of expenditure incurred by exporters on Statutory
Compliances for export of Engineering Goods including for Testing and
Certification charges

Under the MAI Scheme of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India 
With a view to enhance Indian engineering competitiveness in the global markets, the Government
offers financial assistance towards Testing, Certification and other Statutory Compliances for export of
Engineering Goods.

EEPC India has been assigned as the nodal body for processing the application for the Engineering

Key Highlights & Benefits: 
  • Applicable to Testings, Certifications and Statutory compliances in India or abroad.
  • Financial assistance is provided in the form of reimbursements.
  • Sharing pattern: 50%: 50%.
  • Ceiling of assistance: Rs. 2.00 Cr per annum per exporter.
  • All export markets covered
Procedure for application: 

Duly filled and signed physical applications to be submitted to EEPC INDIA within 45 days from the
date of receipt of the product test certificate / date of the final invoice.
The list of documents to be provided by the claimant is given in the MAI Scheme.

For details of coverage, products, funding, etc. as given in the MAI Scheme and also the list of
documents to be provided by the claimant, please use:

Additional points to take note of regarding submission:
  • Proof of Payments – Bank Statements / Remittance Advices
  • An original Declaration Certificate by Chartered Accountants pertaining to expenditure incurred and taxes paid to the Government
  • Statement of Past 3-5 years of export turnover
  • A note of Justification of the requirements of Tests / Certifications undertaken for exports
  • All document pages must be duly signed and stamped.
For detailed guidelines and application procedure, contact:

Mayank Krishna
Sr Assistant Director
M: +91 8826211228