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    Govt. Notifications/ Circulars

    • Notification No. 105/2020 - Customs (N.T.) - Exchange rate Notification No.105/2020-Cus (NT) dated 05.11.2020-reg.
    • Circular No. 49/2020-Customs - Schemes for Rebate of State Levies (RoSL).
    • Circular No. 50/2020-Customs - Policy and Guidelines for setting up of Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Container Freight Stations (CFSs) and Air Freight Stations (AFSs)-Reg.
    • A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 04 - Exim Bank`s Government of India supported Line of Credit (LoC) of USD 20.10 million to the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua.

    My dear fellow exporters, 

    Just a couple of days back, the largest economy of the world, US has got the Democrat leader Joe Biden as its 46thPresident. Although, he is expected to continue with ‘America First’ policy especially in a situation when every economy is struggling to recover from the damage caused by the COVID-Pandemic, the Biden era may bring good days for the India-US trade by eliminating the barriers imposed earlier by his predecessor. As the Vice-President of US during 2008-2016, Biden emphasized on deepening trade relation with India and set an ambitious goal of USD 500 billion of bilateral trade when it was just USD 100 billion. In line with his thinking 4-5 years back, resolving existing bilateral trade issues and restoration of GSP, which was earlier been withdrawn by the outgoing President, would be of great help for Indian exporting community.

    Meanwhile, attempt was made by both India and the UK to strengthen bilateral ties including trade recently as top level government officials from both the nations were engaged in discussion on trade and other related issues where both sides showed considerable interest on deepening the trade relation. British High Commission in New Delhi reportedly stated that future priorities of both the governments would be increasing trade among others. With the UK now officially out of the European Union, it will be easier for India to negotiate trade deals with this nation and both sides can now think of a separate Free Trade Agreement.

    Mahesh Desai  

    Amidst India’s faltering merchandise export growth and prolonged contraction in export credit growth, exporters have at least seen some silver lining as both the domestic government and the monetary regulatory authority RBI have been in consultation to ease priority sector lending norms for exports in order to ensure higher flow of credit towards export sector, according to news source. The Commerce and Industry minister has very recently held a meeting with senior public-sector bankers to push for easier and higher flow of credit disbursalfor exporters at cheaper rates. The government is expected to announce a slew of measures to boost export growth very soon while the RBI is also likely to change credit norms in favour of the exporters.


    The measures to reinvigorate export credit has been the demand of the exporters as many MSME exporters have already been forced to go out of business due to excessive financial crunch and many are facing the same threat. To ensure availability of hassle-free credit to small exporters is a priority for the commerce minister.According to the latest RBI data, export credit of scheduled banks shrank as much as 36.1% year-on-year as of June 21, even on a low base of 42.7% contraction a year earlier.


    The interest subvention provided to the exporters to the extent of three to five percent on bank credit has to make way for suitable alternative as WTO has raised objection to this kind of schemes on the ground of non-compliance. An alternative mechanism to facilitate export credit is desperately required. EEPC India has already suggested refund of embedded taxes for the exporters.


    EEPC India, as a premiere trade and investment promotion body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, wholeheartedly thank the government for its initiative to revive exports from India.

    Overseas Information


    (Source : Consulate General of India, Sao Paulo)

    Significant trends in trade and investment

    Trade in Goods - Brazil`s trade surplus widened to USD 6.6 billion in August of 2020 from USD 4.1 billion in the corresponding month of the previous year and almost in line with market expectations. When adjusted for the working day average, exports declined 5.5 percent from a year earlier to USD 17.7 billion, while imports fell 25.1 percent to USD 11.1 billion. Among major trading partners, exports dropped to the EU (-9.0 percent) and the US (-25.9 percent) while shipments to Asia jumped 8.7 percent. Imports plunged to Asia (-15.9 percent), the EU (-22.7 percent) and the US (-46.1 percent).

    Analysis - Brazil obtained a record trade surplus of US$ 6,6 billion during the month of August, the highest for the month since 1989.

    The cumulative export total for the first eight months of 2020 was USD 138.633 billion, a decrease of 6.6% in comparison with year-ago levels, while imports totalled USD 102.039 billion, down 25.1%.

    Most of the surplus increase in August is explained by the fall in imports from the mining industry, which dropped 59.51% year-on-year, and from the manufacturing industry, whose purchases from abroad shrank 23.78%. On the export side, manufactured goods sales fell 14.2%, and for the mining industry fell 8.6%. In contrast, agricultural exports rose by 32.64%.

    Agricultural highlights include soybeans, with sales of USD 443.3 million year-on-year and raw cotton with a USD 80.9 million increase. In the mining industry, exports of iron ore fell by USD 442 million compared to August last year, and crude petroleum oils suffered a decrease of USD 451.6 million. In both cases, the drop is due to the negative variation in international prices compared to 2019, because the volumes shipped were stable regarding iron ore and for oil increased 21%.

    In the manufacturing industry, the largest declines were recorded in exports of non-electric engines and machines (-US$187 million), cellulose (-US$157.8 million), and petroleum fuel oils (-US$152.6 million). In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Argentine situation, the main destination for Brazilian industrial exports, contributed to the result.

    Finally, according to the Focus bulletin, a weekly survey of financial institutions released by the Central Bank, market analysts predict a USD 55 billion surplus for this year.

    Investment - Petrobras prepares to open the market

    Petrobras is preparing to deal with competition of the sector. For this reason, the state-owned company created this year a board dedicated exclusively to the logistics and commercialization area and begins to outline plans for the post-2021 horizon, the year in which the oil company expects to complete the sale of eight of its refineries. In the end, the company will start to focus only on the Rio-São Paulo axis. The idea, however, is to continue to compete in other regions, via cabotage, pipeline and highway, for example. From a logistical point of view, the expectation is to make one-off investments, especially in the pipeline network in the Southeast. According to the director, Petrobras is still working on infrastructure planning for the new market opening context. He anticipates, however, that the company`s assets are, in general, sufficient to “adequately serve” the market.

    Changes in the Brazilian Ports Law will bring more dynamism and competitiveness to the sector

    Less bureaucracy and idle capacity in the port sector, accelerated investments and job creation. Thus, can be summarized the changes brought about by the conversion into law of Provisional Measure 945/2020, which was sanctioned on 8/25 by President Jair Bolsonaro. In order to provide greater efficiency and dynamism to the management of public ports in Brazil. The process was strongly supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure (with direct supervision by Minister Tarcísio de Freitas and the National Secretariat for Ports and Water Transport, Diogo Piloni) and by the Special Secretariat for the PPI / Ministry.

    (Source : High Commission of India, Lilongwe)

    Pharmaceutical form the core imports from India to Malawi. Malawi as of 2018 imported 60.9% of its pharmaceuticals from India compared to the previous year’s 61%. Other products include printed books, articles of iron and steel, plastic and articles thereof and electrical machinery. Below is the list of top 10 imports from India to Malawi in 2019.

    India Explores Local Investment Avenues

    The government of India disclosed that it is exploring investment opportunities in the country’s agriculture, pharmaceuticals and health sectors to complement Malawi Government’s efforts to grow and enhance its economy.

    The Indian High Commissioner to Malawi, Anurag Bhushan, said in a response to an emailed questionnaire that his government is keen to assist Malawi achieve her development agenda and enable her to join a group of developing countries with good education, health, agriculture and industry.

    The High Commissioner noted that there is a lot of potential in the said sectors; hence, his government is taking thoughtful steps to actualize its dream by entering into Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) with local companies and enterprises.

    “There is a big potential of cooperation through public and private partners from India to explore possibilities in agriculture, including animal husbandry, pharmaceuticals and health sector.

    He added that his government is also considering investing in the energy sector by partnering with local companies to achieve the goal.

    Bhushan said an Indian public sector company, NTPC Ltd, has already signed a memorandum of understanding with the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) for cooperation in the field of power generation.

    The envoy further disclosed that the Government of India is providing around 150 fully paid training courses for the Government of Malawi officials in prestigious institutions in India.

    “On the other hand, we are providing around 20 fully paid scholarships for Malawian students to study in Indian universities for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level studies and under India Africa Forum Summit around 60 training slots are provided to students from Malawi. I can assure that India will stand with Malawi in rendering necessary development cooperation assistance,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Bhushan has expressed contentment with the progress SMEDI Business Incubation Centre (BIC) at Mponela and Salima Sugar Company are making towards improving the social and economic livelihoods of Malawians through provision of business skills and creation of job opportunities to the locals.

    Saudi Arabia
    (Source : Embassy of India, Riyadh)

    Potential products of imports from India

    Commodity - Vehicles with spark-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine of cylindr capacity>1000cc bt nt>1500cc   (HS Code: 870322).

    Analysis - Value of Saudi import of the item from India during April  to August 2020 marked US$ 74.50  Million showing a decline by-61.13 % as compared to the same period last year.

    Commodity - Light oils and preparations.

    Analysis - Value of Saudi import of the item from India during Apr. to August-2020 marked US$ 71.30 Million. (increase of 22.44% as compared to the same period last year).

    Significant trends in trade and investment

    Trade in Goods - India Saudi bilateral Trade during FY 2019-20 has marked US$ 33,094.22 million from US$ 34,040.90 million in FY 2018-19.

    Analysis - The bilateral trade during FY 2018-19 was 34,040.90 Million. There is slight decline of -2.78 Percent in bilateral trade during 2019-20 (showing a decrease of -5.69%  percent in our import, mainly due to the decline in petroleum oil prices.  However, there is a significant growth (12.14%) in our export to Saudi Arabia during FY 2019-20.

    Investment - Indian FDI in Saudi Arabia is US$ 1.4 billion up to Dec. 2017 (Source Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority).

    Saudi FDI in India US$ 318.83 million from April 2000 to June 2020 (Source: DIPP).

    Analysis - During the high level visit of HRH Crown Prince to India in February 2019 he declared that the Kingdom is looking to invest US $100 billion in India in the coming years in diversified sectors. The Invest India team visited KSA twice in April & July 2019 to interact with the Saudi govt entities and business firms, presenting the investment opportunities available in India. Saudi Aramco is in talks with Reliance to take 20% stake of worth US $15 billion at a cumulative value of US $75 billion.

    Webinar on “INDIA-KSA&Oman Partnership in Pharmaceuticals": 

    Embassy of India in Riyadh in association with EoI, Oman and Pharmexcil organized a Webinar on “INDIA- KSA & Oman Partnership in Pharmaceuticals" on October 21, 2020. The participants discussed about the regulatory measures and ways to boost trade and investments between these countries. Ambassadors of India to Riyadh and Oman also deliberated about the lucrative opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector. The Saudi Indian Business Network (SIBN) President Mr. Abdullah Al Kassabi, Saudi Food & Drug Authority officials, representatives of prominent Saudi Pharma companies etc. were also spoke about the opportunities in this sector. Around 100 Indian companies and 30 prominent Saudi pharmaceutical business houses participated in the webinar. The event was followed by a B2B interaction.

    (Source : Embassy of India, Bangkok)

    India urged to return to Asia-Pacific free trade talks
    Bangkok Post 14.10.2020

    Ministers from 15 Asia-Pacific countries negotiating a sprawling free trade agreement urged India on Wednesday to return to the talks as they are aiming to sign a deal by the end of the year, a Japanese official said. India, seeking safeguards amid concerns that opening up its market would raise its trade deficit with China, has skipped all negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership framework this year. From Japan, Hiroshi Kajiyama, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, took part in the ministerial video conference, the third this year and the first since August. This time, the ministers did not issue a joint statement. Ministers from the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia, China, New Zealand and South Korea also took part in the RCEP talks, which have a record of missed deadlines.

    India to be EV car Hub
    Thansettakij  20.10.2020

    India has planned to come up with more EV cars to solve the bad pollution crisis within the country. It will launch around 100,000 electrical transportation vehicles, starting in New Delhi. NITI Aayog from India and Rocky Mountain Institute expects India to reduce 33-35 percent carbon dioxide if the country use vehicles with clean energy within 2030.

    (Source : Embassy of India, Tunis)

    Potential products of imports from India

    Commodity - Electrical & Mechanicals Industries 

    Rationale - The total import of Tunisia of Electrical and Mechanicals Industries are 5460.1 $ million in September 2020.

    Commodity – Manufacturing Industries 

    Rationale - The total import of Tunisia of Manufacturing Industries are 2703.24 $ million in September 2020.

    Significant trends in trade and investment

    Investment - At the end of 2019, the flow of foreign investment reached in Tunisia, 2,648.2 million dinars (MDT) (around 939.07 $ US million) against 2,866.3 MDT (around $ US million 1016.41) in 2018, a decrease of -7.6%, according to the Promotion Agency foreign investment (Fipa Tunisia).

    This amount is divided between foreign direct investment (FDI) of 2,479.1 MTD (around 879.11 $ US million) (a decrease of 9.6%) and 169.1 MTD (around 59.69 $ US million) in the portfolio with an increase of 36.2%.In addition, foreign investment in the energy sector decreased by -0.1% compared to 2018 to reach 909.4 MTD (around 322.84 $ US million), a rather stable situation. The services sector, also dropped by 51.8% compared to 2018 while the agricultural sector only received 18.6 MD (around 6.59 $ US million) of total investments in 2019.

    Analysis - FDI currently represents 10% of productive investments, generates one-third of exports and over 15% of the total number of jobs. Tunisian Government provides many incentives to promote foreign investment in Tunisia.  About 3353 foreign companies operate in Tunisia in diverse sectors. The Government has primarily encouraged export-oriented FDI in key industrial sectors, such as call centers, electronics, aerospace and aeronautics, automotive parts, and textile/apparel manufacturing. Foreign participation is allowed in the privatization program of state-owned or state-controlled enterprises. This has attracted a significant share of Tunisia’s FDI in recent years. The privatization programme has taken place mainly in telecommunications, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and fuel distribution.

    The total foreign investment in Tunisia during 2018 was recorded $ US 983.5 m and 939.07 $ USD million on 2019.  The main investment sectors are textile, computer science, corporate services, energy and tourism. The sectoral distribution today shows a definite orientation towards industrialization.

    Promising Sectors, Agribusiness, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Aerospace Industry, Plastics, Textile & Apparel, Leather & Footwear.

    Opportunities for investments 


    Object of the call for Expression of Interest:

    The Tunisian Government, Al Karama Holding (the "Transferors”), majority shareholders of Carthage Cement S.A (the "Company" or "Carthage Cement"), have decidedto proceed with the sale of a block of shares representing at least 58.2% and up to 78% of the share capital of Carthage Cement S.A (the "Share Block") by Call for Tenders to a strategic and / or financial investor who will have the ability to manage and develop the Company.

    The deadline for submitting the offer is 04 December 2020.

    Contact details -


    Ethiopia Ethiopia
    (EEPC Ref. No. DB-2461)

    Second Ethiopia Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project
    Loan No. : IDA60070
    Project ID : P156433             

    DB Ref. No.  WB-P589758-11/20 
    Issued by 

    The Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority,
    Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Development Division (AAWSA-WSIDD)
    LidetaKifleKetemaWereda 04 around Lideta Condominium,
    on the Left Side  of Lideta Menafesha, 1st Floor
    P.O. Box : 1436
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Attn. : Ms. MestawotAbebe, Head of Procurement Department
    Tel. : +251 18291312
    Fax : +251 116623924

    Bid No.  ET-AAWSA-155803-GO-RFB 
    For  Supply and Installations of Laboratory Equipment for WWTPs of AAWSA. 
    Tender cost  Non-refundable fee of ETB 500.00 (Five Hundred Ethiopian Birr). The method of payment will be
    direct deposit at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Geja Sefer Branch, Account No. : 1000338000719,
    or direct cash payment to counter cashier at the Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Division office. 
    Bid deadline  16.12.2020 
    Source  UN Development Business Website 
    Bahrain Bahrain
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3001)
    Tender No.                 RFP/TWR/2020/83 (TP-674-2020)               
    Tender for  Stud Bolts 
    Tender details  Supply of Stud Bolts. 
    Bid bond  BD 500 
    Cost of tender documents  BD 30 
    Closing date  29.11.2020 
    Issued by 

    Tatweer Petroleum
    P. O. Box 25888
    Awali, Bahrain
    Tel. : (973) 17148000/17148484/17148155
    E-mail :
    Website :

    Bahrain Bahrain
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3002)
    Tender No.                RFP/CSD/2020/52 (PT/CSD/ZA/2020/174)              
    Tender for  Battery links and cable clamps 
    Tender details  Supply of battery links and cable clamps. 
    Bid bond  BD 500 
    Cost of tender documents  BD 30 
    Closing date  20.12.2020 
    Issued by 

    Electricity & Water Authority
    Directorate of Central Stores
    Room 21-4, Ground Floor
    P. O. Box 5325
    Sitra, Bahrain
    Tel. : (973) 17995500
    Website : 

    Bahrain Bahrain
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3003)
    Tender No.               RFP/CSD/2020/49 (PT/CSD/AA/2020/161-LTC)              
    Tender for  Distribution transformers 
    Tender details  Supply of 11,000/415V, 1,000kVA, three-phase distribution transformers. 
    Bid bond  BD 5,000 
    Cost of tender documents  BD 100 
    Closing date  22.11.2020 
    Issued by  Electricity & Water Authority
    Directorate of Central Stores
    Room 21-4, Ground Floor
    P. O. Box 5325
    Sitra, Bahrain
    Tel. : (973) 17995500
    Website :
    Bahrain Bahrain
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3004)
    Tender No.             RFP/INT/CSD/2020/43 (IN/CSD/KA/2020/181)            
    Tender for  Valves 
    Tender details  Supply of butterfly-type valves. 
    Bid bond  BD 500 
    Cost of tender documents  BD 15 
    Closing date  07.12.2020 
    Issued by  Electricity & Water Authority
    Directorate of Central Stores
    Room 21-4, Ground Floor
    P. O. Box 5325
    Sitra, Bahrain
    Tel. : (973) 17995500
    Website :
    Kuwait Kuwait
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3005)
    Tender No.               RFQ-2077399                 
    Tender for  Carbon steel pipes 
    Tender details  Supply of carbon steel pipes of 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2-inches. 
    Bid bond  KD 50,000 
    Cost of tender documents  KD 1,000 
    Closing date  18.01.2021 
    Issued by 

    Kuwait Oil Company
    Contracts Department
    P. O. Box 9758
    Ahmadi 61008, Kuwait
    Tel. : (965) 23989111
    E-mail :
    Website : 

    Kuwait Kuwait
    (EEPC Ref. No. MEED-3006)
    Tender No.                 PA/MM/23/2019/2020                 
    Tender for  Drip irrigation network O&M 
    Tender details  Operation and maintenance (O&M) of a drip irrigation network at Wafra agriculture area. 
    Bid bond  KD 3,500 
    Cost of tender documents  KD 150 
    Closing date  09.02.2021 
    Issued by 

    Central Tenders Committee
    Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs & Fish Resources
    P. O. Box 1070
    Safat 13011, Kuwait
    Tel. : (965) 2401200
    Fax: (965) 2416574
    Website :; 

    Source website 


    Sri Lanka

    (Source : Direct from Party)

    Name of the CompanyAddressesContact Person/Tel./Fax/E-mailItems interested
    Ranmuthu International (Pte) Ltd.No.17, Annasi Wattha Road, Athurugiriya, P.O. Box 10150, Sri LankaMr. Vipul, Director

    Tel.: 0094 11 5299588/2075803
    Fax: 0094 11 2744865
    Marine Stationery Products and Engine Parts. (Supply to Semi Government in Sri Lanka. The Payment Terms : Bank to Bank).

    Domestic Information


    Dated 5 November, 2020

    Notification No. 105/2020-Customs (N.T.)

    Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Government of India, New Delhi has issued a Notification No. 105/2020-Customs (N.T.), dated 5th November, 2020 regarding Exchange rate Notification No.105/2020-Cus (NT) dated 05.11.2020. The above Customs Notification has already been hosted in our Website ( for information of our Members.
    Dated 3 November, 2020

    Circular No. 49/2020-Customs

    Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Government of India, New Delhi has issued a Circular No. 49/2020-Customs, dated 3rd November, 2020 regarding Schemes for Rebate of State Levies (RoSL). The above Customs Circular has already been hosted in our Website ( for information of our Members.
    Dated 5 November, 2020

    Circular No. 50/2020-Customs

    Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, Government of India, New Delhi has issued a Circular No. 50/2020-Customs, dated 5th November, 2020 regarding Policy and Guidelines for setting up of Inland Container Depots (ICDs), Container Freight Stations (CFSs) and Air Freight Stations (AFSs). The above Customs Circular has already been hosted in our Website ( for information of our Members.


    Dated 5 November, 2020

    A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 04

    The Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai has issued A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 04, dated 5th November, 2020 regarding Exim Bank`s Government of India supported Line of Credit (LoC) of USD 20.10 million to the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua. The above Circular has already been hosted in our Website ( for information of our Members.


    Steel Market Current Report

    Mandi Gobindgarh
    Open Market Rates of Rerollables (November 07, 2020)

    (Exclusive of GST) (Trade Terms 1% Cash Discount) (Rate Rs. per Tonne)
    Arc/Ind. Furnace
    Round quality (21x25) 35,100
    Structural quality (28x30) 35,300
    Low carbon (12x16) -
    Semi low carbon (18x21) 35,250
    5x6 Girder quality (25x30) -
    Runners/Risers 34,900
    Bones/Clean -
    Billets & Squares  
    50x50x63x63x65x65 mm MS -
    75x75x80x80x90x90 mm MS 35,300
    100x100 mm MS2 35,400
    125x125 mm MS/ Concast -
    100x100 mm Concast-Billets 35,700
    100x100 Concast-SAIL DSP 35,700
    H.C. Billet SAIL 150x150 mm) -
    H.C. Billet-Tisco 75x75 mm) -
    Above 251 mm Bloom (HC) 32,100
    Above 251 mm Bloom (MS) 32,100
    (DSP) Bloom 160x250 mm 32,100
    130/135/140 mm (Tisco) MS -
    150x150 mm Concast (DSP) 35,100
    150x150 mm MS (SAIL) 35,200
    Bloom Cut into pcs. (MS) 35,200
    Bloom Cut into pcs. (Medium) 35,400
    Bloom Cut into (Patra Pass) 35,400

    Durgapur Slabs 14"x3" -
    Durgapur Slabs -
    Bokaro Slab Heavy -
    Tata Concast Slab (Heavy) -
    Skelp Tisco -
    Untested Rail - 75 lbs. 25,700
    Untested Rail - 90 lbs. 25,700
    Untested Rail - 105 lbs. 25,700
    Rej. Wheel (Small) 25,700
    Cut Tyre (Big) 32,600
    Cut Tyre (Small) 26,600
    Melting Scrap (F.O.R.)  
    Fresh Scrap (Rolling Mill End)  25,900
    Old Scrap (Godown) 22,300
    Turning 21,500
    Tin Tapper 23,600
    Mill Scale 18,600
    Sponge Iron 21,800
    Pig Iron (F.O.R.)  
    Foundry Grade 30,500
    Steel Grade 23,200
    C.I. Turning 16,200
    Degi Scrap 23,600
    Deg Casting 36,000
    Ingot Moulds (Old) 22,600
    Ingot Moulds (New) 34,800
    Cut Ingot Moulds 21,500
    Open Market Rates of Finished Goods (November 07, 2020)
    (Inclusive of GST)
           (Rate per Qntl.)       

    M. S. Rounds 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16/20 mm 22/25 mm
    Mild 4300 4320 4320 4330 4310 4410 4470 4330
    Zindi Pass (Drawing) - - - 4320 4390 4400 4490 4490

                      Above rates of 6 mm rounds are of length up to 14’ Above 18’ = 4370

    Heavy Rounds 28 to 53 mm 63 to 100 mm 110 to 125 mm 140 to 150 mm 165 mm 180 mm 200 mm
    Mild    4450 4450  4470     4470 4470 4490 4370
    M. S. Squares 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 16/20 mm 22/25 mm
    Mild 4520
    M. S. Angles 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm 50 mm 65 mm 75 mm 100 mm 110 mm 150 mm 200  mm
    3 mm 4340 4300 4350 4420 4420 4490 - - - - -
    5 mm 4190 4300 4420 4420 4490 4520
    4420 - - -
    6 mm 4320 4380 4420 4420 4490 4520 4510 - - -
    8 mm - - 4420 4490 4490 4510 4510 - - -
    10 mm - - 4420 4490 4490 4510 4570 4510 - -
    12 mm - - 4420 4490 4170 4490 4500 - 4590


    16 mm - - 4420 4490 4500 4490 4570 - - -
    M. S. Flats 20 mm 25 mm 32 mm 40 mm 50 mm 65 mm 75 mm 100 mm
    3 mm 4280 4270 4280 4310 4410 4370 - -
    5 mm 4280 4270 4280 4280 4510 4570 4510 4510
    6 mm 4310 4340 4280 4280 4430 4560 4510 4510
    8 mm 4160 4280 4380 4510 4490 4510
    10 mm - - 4160 4280 4380 4510 4490 4490
    12/25 mm - - 4150 4280 4380 4510 4490 4490
    18/19 Gauge 4110 4190 4360 4280
    4380 4490 4490 4490

    [Prices at other stockyards may vary]                                          Source : Steel Town (Weekly), November 07, 2020]



    Mahesh Desai
    Tel.: 91-40-27617098/5131 (O)
    91-40-27765793 (R)
    Fax : 91-40-27614376
    E-mail :





    Arun Kumar Garodia
    Tel.: 91-33-40052700
    Fax : 91-33-40052800
    E-mail :





    B. D. Agarwal
    Tel. : 91-33-22487249
    Fax : 91-33-22481879
    E-mail :

    Kamna Raj Aggarwalla
    Tel.: 91-181-2642001/02/03/04
    Fax : 91-181-2642005
    E-mail :                          

    K. S. Mani 
    Tel. : (91 491) 253-5669/9870
    E-mail :


    Krishanlal Dhingra
    Telefax : 91-22-2651-0038/2655-6955
    E-mail :



    Suranjan Gupta 
    Executive Director
    Vandhna (4th Floor)
    11 Tolstoy Marg 
    New Delhi 110 001
    Tel.: 91-11-23353353, 23711124/25
    Fax : 91-11-23310920
    E-mail :
    URL :

    Adhip Mitra
    Addl. Executive Director & Secretary
    Vanijya Bhavan (1st Floor)
    International Trade Facilitation Centre
    1/1 Wood Street, Kolkata 700 016
    Tel.: 91-33-22890651/52/53
    Fax : 91-33-22890654
    E-mail :
    URL :


    Anima Pandey
    Regional Director & Director (Membership)
    Vanijya Bhavan (2nd Floor)
    International Trade Facilitation Centre
    1/1, Wood Street
    Kolkata 700 016
    Tel.: 91-33-22890673/74
    Fax : 91-33-22890687
    E-mail :
    Rakesh Suraj
    Regional Director
    Flat No.10
    P, Q, N, 10th Floor
    DCM Building
    16 Barakhamba Road
    New Delhi - 110 001
    Tel.: 91-11-23314171/74
    Fax : 91-11-23317795
    E-mail :
    C. H. Nadiger
    Regional Director
    Greams Dugar (3rd Floor)
    149 Greams Road
    Chennai 600 006
    Tel.: 91-44-28295501, 28295502
    Fax : 91-44-28290495
    E-mail :
    Rajat Srivastava
    Regional Director & Director (Marketing & Sales)
    B-202 & 220, Aurus Chambers
    Annex "B", 2nd Floor Behind Mahindra Tower
    S.S. Amrutwar Marg
    Worli, Mumbai 400 013
    Tel.: 91-22-4212 5555
    Fax : 91-22-2495 5486
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    Sudhakaran C. K. Nair
    Deputy Director
    TF-313/A(3rd Floor)
    ATMA House, Ashram Road
    Ahmedabad 380 009
    Tel.: 91-79-26588720
    E-mail :
    J. V. Raja Gopal Rao
    Sr. Deputy Director
    Embassy Square, 103, First Floor
    No.148, Infantry Road
    Bengaluru - 560 001
    Tel.: 91-80-22261396/22268669
    Fax : 91-80-22266914
    E-mail :
    V. C. Ravish
    Sr. Executive Officer
    `Soham Mansion` (1st Floor)
    No. 5-4-187/3 & 4/4, M.G Road
    Secunderabad 500 003
    Tel.: 91-40-27536704
    Fax : 91-40-27536705
    E-mail :
    Pranab Kumar Singh
    Assistant Director

    Plot Comm. 1, Focal Point
    Jalandhar 144 012
    Tel.: 91-181-2602264
    Fax : 91-181-2601124
    E-mail :

    CIN : U51900WB1955NPL022644