Sr. No.  Country Borrower Amount of Credit USD mn Purpose Tenor (Years)  Amount Available for Utilization USD mn
            1  Myanmar Myanma Foreign Trade Bank, Myanmar         56.36 Railway Rehabilitation Upto 10 years                -
            2  Angola Government of Angola         40.00 Railway rehabilitation Upto 20 years                -
            3  Senegal Government of Senegal         17.87 Supply of buses and spares from India Upto 20 years                -
            4  Cote d’Ivoire Government of Cote d’Ivoire         26.80 Project for renewal of urban transport system in Abidjan and for agricultural projects in the field of vegetable oil extraction, fruits and vegetable chips production, production of cocoa, coffee etc Upto 20 years                -
            5  Mali Government of Mali         27.00 Rural electrification and setting up of agro machinery and tractor assembly plant in Mali. Upto 20 years                -
            6  Ghana Government of Ghana         27.00 Rural electrification, agriculture, communication and transportation projects. Upto 20 years                -
            7  Ghana Government of Ghana         60.00 Rural electrification project and construction of Presidential Office Upto 20 years                -
            8  Chad Government of Chad         50.00 Setting up of cotton yarn plant, Steel billet plant and rolling mill, plant for assembly of agricultural equipment and bicycle plant Upto 20 years                -
            9  Mali & Senegal Government of Senegal & Mali (combined)         27.70 Acquisition of railway coaches and locomotives from India Upto 20 years                -
         10  Burkina Faso Government of Burkina Faso         30.00 Agricultural projects including acquisition of tractors, harvesters, agricultural processing equipment and construction of national post office Upto 20 years                -
         11  Gambia Government of Gambia           5.83 Tractor assembly plant project Upto 20 years                -
         12  Niger Government of Niger         17.00 Acquisition of buses, trucks, tractors, motor pumps and flourmills Upto 20 years                -
         13  Ethiopia Government of Ethiopia         65.00 Energy transmission and distribution project Upto 20 years                -
         14  Mozambique Government of Mozambique         20.00 Gaza Electrification Project Upto 20 years                -
         15  Guinea Bissau Government of Guinea Bissau         25.00 Electricity project, mango juice and tomato paste processing unit and purchase of tractors and water pumps for development of the agricultural sector Upto 20 years                -
         16  Sudan Government of Sudan         48.00 (i) supply of agricultural inputs for the Sudanese Agricultural Bank, (ii) technical and laboratory equipment to Higher Educational Institutions, (iii) scientific equipments for Ministry of Science and Technology, (iv) solar electrification and (v) meeting requirement of Sudan Railways Upto 20 years                -
         17  Mali Government of Mali         30.00 Electricity transmission and distribution project from Cote d’Ivoire to Mali Upto 20 years                -
         18  Mali Government of Mali         45.00 Electricity transmission and distribution project from Cote d’Ivoire to Mali Upto 20 years                -
         19  Nepal Government of Nepal       100.00 Various road projects, rural electrification projects, power transmission projects and hydro power projects. Upto 20 years                -
         20  Rwanda Government of Rwanda         20.00 Power projects Upto 20 years                -
         21  Myanmar Myanma Foreign Trade Bank, Myanmar         60.00 Railway projects Upto 20 years                -
         22  Cambodia Government of Cambodia         35.20 Stung Tasal development project, purchase of water pumps, construction of electricity transmission line between Kratie and Stung Upto 15 years                -
         23  Mozambique Government of Mozambique         20.00 Transfer of water drilling technology and equipment Upto 20 years                -
         24  Syria Government of Syria         25.00 Steel plant Upto 14 years                -
         25  Sri Lanka Government of Sri Lanka       100.00 Upgradation of Southern Railway Line (Colombo-Matara) Upto 10 years                -
         26  Ghana Government of Ghana         25.00 Track materials, tools and equipment, procurement of high capacity mineral wagons and spares, Procurement of covered wagons, Spares of low capacity mineral wagons,  flat trucks/buses, and  Foundry materials, Communication and Technology (ICT) and Good Governance project, and Agro Processing Plant Upto 20 years           0.21
         27  Senegal Government of Senegal         25.00 Rural electrification project and Fishing Industry Development Project Upto 20 years                -
         28  Niger Government of Niger         20.00 (a) Rehabilitation of six-power stations (b) Purchase of three power transformers (c) Rehabilitation as well as erection of power lines between various places in Niger Upto 20 years                -
         29  Sierra Leone Government of Sierra Leone         15.00 Procurement of tractors and connected implements, harvesters, rice threshers, rice mills, maize shellers and pesticide soarat equipment Upto 20 years                -
         30  Burkina Faso Government of Burkina Faso         25.00 Rural Electrification Upto 20 years                -
         31  Mozambique Government of Mozambique         30.00 Rural Electrification Projects in the provinces of Gaza, Zambezia and Nampula in Mozambique Upto 20 years                -
         32  Tanzania Government of Tanzania         40.00 Export of tractors, pumps and equipments from India to Tanzania Upto 20 years                -
         33  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo         25.00 Installation of hand pumps and submersible pumps Upto 20 years                -
         34  Benin Government of Benin         15.00 Purchase of railway equipment (US$ 10.25 mn), agricultural equipment (US$ 4.25 mn) and feasibility study for setting up a cyber city in Benin (US$ 0.50 mn) Upto 20 years                -
         35  Cote d’Ivoire Government of Cote d’Ivoire         30.00 Electricity interconnection project between Cote d’Ivoire and Mali Upto 20 years                -
         36  Rwanda Government of Rwanda         60.00 Power projects Upto 20 years                -
         37  Sri Lanka Government of Sri Lanka         67.40 upgradation of Southern Railway corridor from Colombo to Matara in Sri Lanka Upto 10 years                -
         38  Senegal Government of Senegal           5.00 Supply of Medical equipments, furniture and other accessories to 4 hospitals Upto 20 years                -
         39  Mozambique Government of Mozambique         25.00 Rural Electrification Project of Cabo Delgado, Manica and Niassa Provinces Upto 20 years                -
         40  Angola Government of Angola         30.00 Setting up an Industrial Park Upto 15 years                -
         41  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo         42.00 Execution of Kakobola Hydroelectric Power Project Upto 20 years                -
         42  Lao PDR Government of Lao PDR         37.30 (i) 230 kv double circuit transmission line from Nabon  to Thabok and substations and  (ii) Nam Boun 2 hydropower project (15 MW) in Lao PDR Upto 20 years                -
         43  Kenya Government of Kenya         61.60 Power Transmission Lines Upto 20 years                -
         44  Senegal Government of Senegal         27.50 Financing the Rural Electrification Project Upto 20 years                -
         45  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo       168.00 Financing Ketende Hydro-electric Project in the D.R. Congo Upto 20 years                -
         46  Regional Development Bank (Multiple countries) ECOWAS Bank for Investment & Development (EBID) ***       150.00 Export of goods and services and project exports Upto 20 years       140.00
         47  Mozambique Government of Mozambique         13.00 Financing a Solar Photo Voltaic Module Manufacturing plant in Mozambique Upto 20 years                -
         48  Nepal Government of Nepal       250.00 Financing infrastructure projects such as highways, airports, bridges and irrigation projects Upto 20 years         76.57
         49  Togo Government of Togo         15.00 Rural Electrification Project in Togo Upto 20 years                -
         50  Republic of Congo Government of Republic of Congo         70.00 Rural Electrification Project in Republic of Congo Upto 20 years                -
         51  Mali Government of Mali       100.00 Financing a power transmission project connecting Bamako and Sikasso via Bougouni in Mali. Upto 20 years         98.72
         52  Central African Republic Government of Central African Republic         39.69 Financial two hydro-electric projects in Central African Republic Upto 20 years         39.69
         53  Benin Government of Benin         15.00 For financing tractor assembly plant and farm equipment manufacturing unit in Benin Upto 20 years                -
         54  Ethiopia Government of Ethiopia       300.00 Ethio-Djibouti Rail Line Project Upto 20 years       299.59
         55  Nicaragua Government of Nicaragua         10.00 Supply of equipment from India for building two electric substations Upto 20 years                -
         56  Niger Government of Niger         34.54 Solar electrification of 30 villages and solar photovoltaic system of 5 MW Upto 22 years           7.70
         57  Myanmar Myanma Foreign Trade Bank, Myanmar         86.31 Procurement of rolling stock, equipment and up-gradation of three major Railway Workshops by procurement of machinery Upto 15 years         53.91
         58  Mauritius Government of Mauritius         46.00 Purchase of specialised  equipment and vehicles Upto 10 years         24.00
         59  Nigeria Government of Nigeria       100.00 [i] supply and commissioning of transmission lines; [ii] 132/33 KV substation, solar mini grid electrification and solar street lighting in the state of Kaduna; & [iii] construction of  gas-based power plant in the cross river state Upto 10 years         43.11
         60  Togo Government of Togo         30.00 Rural Electrification Project to cover 150 localities Upto 20 years         28.65
         61  Togo Government of Togo         52.00 Setting up of 161 KV Power Transmission Line Upto 20 years         51.55
         62  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo         82.00 Completion of Katende Hydro-electric Project Upto 20 years                -
         63  Nepal Government of Nepal       550.00 Hydropower, Irrigation and Infrastructural development projects Upto 20 years       550.00
         64  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo         34.50 Development of Power Distribution Project in Bandundu Province Upto 20 years         31.37
         65  Democratic Republic of Congo Government of Democratic Republic of Congo       109.94 Transmission and distibution project in Kasai province Upto 20 years       108.94
         66  Sierra Leone Government of Sierra Leone         78.00 Transmission Line and Substation in Sierra Leone Upto 25 years         77.41
         67  Nicaragua Government of Nicaragua         31.29 Transmission lines and substation project Upto 20 years         31.29
         68  Cuba Government of Cuba         70.00 Setting up a 51MW wind energy farm in Cuba Upto 15 years         70.00
         69  Cuba Government of Cuba         90.30 Establishment of a 50 MW Co-generation power plant in Cuba Upto 15 years         90.30
         70  Bangladesh Government of Bangladesh   2,000.00 Procurement of Trucks for Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation [BRTC] Upto 20 years   2,000.00
Procurement of Double Decker and Single Decker AC & Non-AC Buses for Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation [BRTC]
Conversion of Meter Gauge Line to Dual Gauge Line in Parbatipur-Kawnia Section of Bangladesh Railway