About the Exhibition

FERRET EXPO 2019 is the most important industrial and Engineering trading event in Guatemala targeting the countries in the Central American region. The Expo spread across 8000 Sq. Mtrs focuses on multiple engineering related to construction, electrical, hardware, pumps and valves, auto components, EPC and material handling.
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Product Profile

  • Agricultural and construction tools.
  • Electric and pneumatic tools.
  • Professional automotive tools.
  • Ironmongery and Hardware for Furniture.
  • Materials and Electrical Accessories.
  • Plumbing, Valves and Connections.
  • Faucets and Accessories for Bathroom, Sanitary.
  • Decorative paints and finishes, dyes, waterproofing, stairs.
  • Gardening, Fumigation pumps, hoses, clippers, tools.
  • Accessories and Automotive Parts.
  • Abrasives.
  • Steels and wires.
  • Welding equipment.
  • Lubricants and additives, greases.
  • Electrical parts for motorcycles and cars.
  • Spare parts for brakes.
  • Rubber and silicone gaskets and bushings.
  • Materials and Equipment for Construction.
  • Doors, Windows and Hardware for them, Locks.
  • Equipment for industrial safety.
  • Pumps for water, pumping equipment.
  • Vehicles and Transport Flotillas, motorcycles, motorcycle taxis.
  • Aluminum and magnesium rings.
  • Rudders, and accessories for the interior of the vehicle.
  • Electric and gasoline pressure washing machines.
  • Furniture for stores, signs, displays and shelves for storage.
  • Builders hardware including Hinges, Door Fittings, Locks,
    Pad Locks etc. of base Metal.
  • Household and Kitchenware.
  • Industrial Equipments and Accessories

Participation Charges

One side open (built-up booth):
Booth size: 9 sqm. Rs. 16,000 per sqm.
Booth size: 6 sqm. Rs. 18,000 per sqm.
10% extra for two sides open booth (subject to availability).
Participation Charge includes 5 nights of hotel stay (in Guatemala)
and 2 nights of hotel stay (in Honduras) for one person per exhibiting organisation
(to be allotted on first-come-first-served basis)

For any further information, please contact
Mr. J. V. Raja Gopal Rao

Reimbursement of Airfare

Upto Rs. 100,000 may be reimbursed to eligible participants in terms of the MAI guidelines. However, this shall
be subject to receiving of specific Govt. approval for such assistance for events of 2019-20.
The T&C must be abided by for eligibility towards such reimbursement.
For detailed guidelines please click the following link:


EEPCINDIA can only recommend for issuance of VISA to the extent that the concerned person is a participant at the subject exhibition and that the person in question has been certified by the participating organisation to be their employee. The Foreign Embassy / Consulate where the applicant submits the VISA application is expected to follow their usual procedural checks before granting the VISA in question and EEPC INDIA shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for non-issuance of VISA by the concerned authorities. This would mean that the prospective participant will be fully liable for the total charges payable to EEPC INDIA even if they do not obtain the VISA for any reason whatsoever.

Booth Display

Participation charges for a 9 Sqm. booth includes the following services:

  • One Information
    Counter with an
    Image Venyl

  • Three

  • Three
    Spot Lights

  • One Electric

  • One Round
    Meeting Table

  • One Waste
    paper bin

Full Payment is
To Be Made By

Please pay online through the following Payment Gateways :

1. Atom 2. Billdesk 3. CC Avenue


Pay through RTGS/NEFT in INR as per the following details

Name of Bank
Address of Bank
Account No.
Account Name


Demand draft favouring “EEPC INDIA
along with the duly
filled-out Application Form

Exhibition Venue

Convention Center, Grand Tikal Futura
Guatemala City

Programme Schedule

7–10 November 2019 in Guatemala
(4 days Expo)
11-12 November 2019 in Honduras

Economic Scenario
of Guatemala

Guatemala is the most populous Central American country and has a GDP per capita roughly half the average for Latin America and the Caribbean. The agricultural sector accounts for 13.5% of GDP and 31% of the labor force. Guatemala's economy is dominated by the private sector, which generates about 85% of GDP. The GDP (PPP) of Guatemala is estimated at US$ 138.1 billion in 2017 compared to US$ 134.4 billion in 2016.

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Economic Scenario
of Honduras

Located in the continent of Central America, Honduras is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea.

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Regarding goods taken out of India for exhibition or on consignment basis for export promotion, participants may refer to Circular No. 108/27/2019-GST dated 18.07.2019 of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) which is the statute in the matter.

Benefit to The Member-Exporters

EEPC India is organizing this event under the MAI Scheme of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
The rates mentioned above are subsidized in comparison with the normal rates offered by the Fair Authorities.

Contact Details of The EEPC India Offices

CIN : U51900WB1955NPL022644

  • Mr. Suranjan Gupta

    Executive Director

    EEPC India, H.O. (Cell):
    ‘Vandhna’, 4th Floor, 11, Tolstoy Marg,
    New Delhi 110001

  • Mr. Adhip Mitra

    Addl. Executive Director & Secretary

    EEPC India, Head Office:
    ‘Vanijya Bhawan’, 1st Floor
    International Trade Facilitation Centre, 1/1, Wood Street,
    Kolkata 700016

  • Ms. Anima Pandey

    Regional Director (ER) & Director (Membership)

    Vanijya Bhawan (2nd Floor), International Trade Facilitation Centre 1/1, Wood Street,
    Kolkata – 700 016

  • Mr. Rakesh Suraj

    Regional Director (NR)

    Flat No.10, P, Q, N, 10th Floor,
    DCM Building, 16 Barakhamba Road
    New Delhi - 110 001

  • Mr. C. H. Nadiger

    Regional Director (SR)

    Greams Dugar (3rd Floor), 149, Greams Road,
    Chennai – 600 006

  • Dr. Rajat Srivastava

    Regional Director (WR) & Director (Marketing & Sales)

    B-202 & 220, Aurus Chambers, Annex "B" (2nd Floor), Behind Mahindra Tower S.S. Amrutwar Marg, Worli
    Mumbai – 400 013

  • Mr. J. V. Raja Gopal Rao

    Sr. Deputy Director

    Embassy Square, 103, First Floor, No.148, Infantry Road,
    Bengaluru – 560 001

  • Mr. V. C. Ravish

    Assistant Director

    Soham Mansion (1st Floor), No. 5-4-187/3 & 4/4, M. G. Road,
    Secunderabad – 500 003

  • Mr. Opinder Singh

    Deputy Director

    Plot Comm. 1, Focal Point
    Jalandhar – 144 012

  • Mr. Sudhakaran C.K. Nair

    Deputy Director

    TF- 313/A (3rd Floor), ATMA House Ashram Road,
    Ahmedabad – 380 009