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Chapter No 95

Tariff Item Description of goods Unit Drawback rate Drawback cap per unit in Rs.
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
9501 Deleted      
9502 Deleted      
9503 Tricycles,   scooter,   pedal   cars   and   similar wheeled   toys,   dolls’   carriages,   dolls;   other toys;    reduced-size    (“scale”)    models    and similar  recreational  models,  working  or  not; puzzles of all kinds      
950301 Cricket bats made of plastic   1.5%  
950302 Plastic rounder bat   1.5%  
950303 Cricket  set    made  of  plastic  consisting  of  two bats,  two  balls,  two  bases  and  six  stumps  in  a nylon carrying bag   1.5%  
950304 Soft toys made of textile fabrics with or without polyfill stuffing   1.5%  
950399 Other   1.5%  
9504 Video game consoles and machines, articles of funfair,   table   or   parlour   games,   including pintables,  billiards,  special  tables  for  casino games and automatic bowling alley equipment      
950401 Carrom Board, with or without coins and strikers   1.5%  
950499 Others   1.5%  
9505 Festive,    carnival    or    other    entertainment articles,    including    conjuring    tricks    and novelty jokes   1.3%  
9506 Articles  and  equipment  for  general  physical exercise,   gymnastics,   athletics,   other   sports (including   table-tennis)   or   out-door   games, not  specified  or  included  elsewhere  in  this Chapter; swimming pools and paddling pools      
950601 Table tennis bat Piece 4.9% 40.6
950602 Table tennis table Piece 3.4% 745
950603 Lawn-tennis balls Piece 2.2% 2.3
950604 Inflatable balls made predominantly of synthetic material, other than polyurethane   1.7%  
950605 Inflatable balls made of  Polyurethane Piece 4.3% 26
950606 Cricket balls with outer covering of leather   1.5%  
950607 Cricket,   Hockey,   Boxing,   Football   and   other Sports Gloves   1.5%  
950608 Cricket bat made of English willow Piece 7.3% 800
950609 Cricket bat made of other than English willow Piece 6.3% 83
950610 Made-up sports nets of nylon Kg 3% 25.5
950611 Made-up sports nets of  other   man made textile material Kg 3.2% 19
950612 Swimming pools and paddling pools   1.5%  
950613 Rubber bladders   1.5%  
950614 Protective   sports   gear   (excluding   leg   guards) whether   padded   or   not,      including   shoulder
guards and shin guards
950615 Rounders bat made of wood   1.5%  
950616 Leg guards Pair 2.7% 56
950699 Others   1.5%  
9507 Fishing rods, fish-hooks and other line fishing tackle;  fish  landing  nets,  butterfly  nets  and similar  nets;  decoy  “birds”  (other  than  those of heading 9208 or 9705) and similar hunting
or shooting requisites
9508 Roundabouts,  swings,  shooting  galleries  and other     fairground     amusements;     traveling circuses,  traveling  menageries  and  traveling theatres   1.5%  
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