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Issue Date :12-Mar-2007Volume No :9Issue No :11
2Information on Current Issue
3Office Bearers of the Council
4Chairman’s Pen
5India Engineering Centre at Johannesburg, South Africa
6Pak Pharma Expo 2007, Karachi, Pakistan
7Global Tenders
8Trade Enquiries
9Exhibition & Trade Fairs
10DGFT Circular No.20(RE-2006)/2004-2009
11Customs Notification No.21/2007-Customs
12Customs Notification No.28/2007-Customs
13Customs Notification No.33/2007-Customs
14Customs Notification No.35/2007-Customs
15Customs Notification No.37/2007-Customs
16Customs Notification No.21/2007-Customs-NT
17Central Excise Notification No.6/2007-Central Excise
18Central Excise Notification No.8/2007-Central Excise
19Central Excise Notification No.10/2007-Central Excise
20Central Excise Notification No.11/2007-Central Excise
21Central Excise Notification No.15/2007-Central Excise
22Central Excise Notification No.17/2007-Central Excise
23Central Excise Notification No.18/2007-Central Excise
24Central Excise Notification No.19/2007-Central Excise
25Central Excise Notification No.8/2007-Central Excise-NT
26Central Excise Notification No.9/2007-Central Excise-NT
27Central Excise Notification No.10/2007-Central Excise-NT
28Central Excise Notification No.11/2007-Central Excise-NT
29Central Excise Notification No.12/2007-Central Excise-NT
30Central Excise Notification No.13/2007-Central Excise-NT
31Central Excise Notification No.16/2007-Central Excise-NT
32Central Excise Notification No.17/2007-Central Excise-NT
33Central Excise Notification No.18/2007-Central Excise-NT
34Service Tax Notification No.13/2007 – Service Tax
35Steel Price
36EEPC Offices in India & Abroad
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