Information for payment of subscription for the year 2024-25 (01-04-2024 to 31-03-2025)

Members are required to pay subscription as per their export performance in Engineering Goods/services during the Financial Year 2023-24.

For  Associate/Ordinary Members
Export during previous year 2023-24 Subscription for 2024-25 (INR)
Up to 30 Lakhs 6,500
Above 30 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs 10,000
Above 60 Lakhs to 1 Crore 15,000
Above 1 Crore to 5 Crore 24,000
Above 5 Crore to 10 Crore 26,000
Above 10 Crore to 25 Crore 28,000
Above 25 Crore to 50 Crore 34,000
Above 50 Crore to 100 Crore 40,000
Above 100 Crore to 250 Crore 50,000
Above 250 Crore to 500 Crore 60,000
Above 500 Crore 75,000
For  Other Members
Subscription for 2024-25 (INR)
Institution, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Trade Association, etc. 12,000
Affiliate Members 6,500
(New / Revived members are required to pay one-time Admission / Readmission Fees of Rs.2000/-, additionally)
GST is applicable @ 18% on Subscription/Admission/Readmission fees

Members must submit Certificate from a Chartered Accountant certifying their export performance in engineering goods and services during the F.Y. 2023-24 along with the payment. However, in case of members belonging to highest category of export turnover (Above 500 Cr, Subscription paying Rs 75,000), Self-certification of export performance will be accepted.

Membership subscription is charged once in a financial year and the validity of membership expires on 31st march every financial year.

Members will be classified under different EEPCINDIA product panels depending on their items/ HS Codes.

For more information about the panel classification of EEPCINDIA, please click on the following link.

EEPCINDIA Product Panels

Supporting Documents: The documents which the applicants need to submit are listed below.

  1. Chartered accountant certificate which certifies the export performance of the previous year (23-24).
  2. The following certificates are considered as valid necessary supporting documents for different types of enterprises.

                 A.  For MSME Enterprise : MSME /UDYAM /UDYOG AADHAR

                 B.  Large enterprise   :  SIA/IEM  

    3. GST Registration Certificate : GST REG 06

Obtaining e-RCMC from the Common Digital Portal of DGFT

Please visit Common Digital Platform of DGFT ( and pay the membership subscription charges online through DGFT portal only. If you are already registered with DGFT portal, please use the same user ID and Password for logging into the portal. Otherwise, you will have to register on DGFT portal: as Importer/Exporter to access the Common Digital Platform.  

For any issues, you can raise concern to DGFT and may call Toll-Free Helpline number given on the DGFT Portal or file complaints on “Contact@DGFT” page   

Membership Categories / Eligibility Criteria

The Council shall have the following categories of members, namely:

(a) Associate Members

(b) Ordinary Members

Associate Member  

A firm shall be eligible for admission to EEPC INDIA as an associate member, on receiving the Import-Export Code Number from the Director General Foreign Trade, Govt. of India, in respect of their product/s related to engineering goods and services. After joining as an associate member, the entity shall automatically become an ordinary member after completion of one year of associate membership subject to the conditions mentioned below under the eligibility criterion of ordinary membership. However, an associate member may choose the option for remaining as associate. In that case members have to intimate the same to the concerned EEPC regional office.

Ordinary Member  

In order to be eligible for ordinary membership of the Council, a person must satisfy the following requirements, namely:

  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have been an associate member of the Council for at least one year.
  • He, or the entity represented by him, must have, to his or its credit, during the three financial years immediately preceding, average exports in respect of the product of not less than the amount mentioned below:
  • MSME Rs. 30 Lakhs
  • Others Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • On becoming eligible to become an ordinary member, it is incumbent upon the Associate member to apply to the Committee of Administration in the prescribed format expressing his willingness to become an Ordinary member

Conversion into Associate membership

According to Article 9.2 of the Articles of Association of the Council, the Committee of Administration may, after giving a member reasonable opportunity of hearing, convert the membership of an ordinary member into an associate member, if his performance as an exporter of the product has, during the financial years immediately preceding, been below the average mentioned.