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Customs Circulars
DateCircular NoSubject
19-Apr-2017 Circular No. 15/2017-Customs Rescinding Board Circular F. No. 528/213/87-Customs (TU) -reg.
11-Apr-2017 Circular No. 14/2017-Customs Delayed, incomplete or incorrect filing of Import manifest
10-Apr-2017 Circular No. 13/2017-Customs DTA clearance of goods procured by EOUs/EHTP/STP units from indigenous sources – charging of Duty – reg.
31-Mar-2017 Circular No. 11/2017-Customs Clarification regarding amendment in Special Economic Zone Rules, 2006 in Rule 47, after sub-rule (4) dated 05.08.2016 – reg.
31-Mar-2017 Circular No. 12/2017-Customs Clarification regarding legislative changes relating to Customs Act,1962 proposed in the Finance Bill,2017
06-Mar-2017 Circular No. 07/2017 - Customs Guidelines for launching of prosecution in relation to offences punishable under Customs Act, 1962
28-Feb-2017 Circular No. 5/2017-Customs Exemption from drawal of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback to the AEO certificate holders-reg.
28-Feb-2017 Circular No. 6/2017-Customs Acceptance of e-BRC of DGFT towards proof of realization of sale proceeds for exports with LEO date upto 31.03.2014 under drawback scheme –reg.
16-Feb-2017 Circular No. 04/20 17-Customs Expansion of 24x7 customs clearance and clarification of levy of MOT charges in CFSs attached to 24x7 ports-reg.
16-Jan-2017 Circular No. 03/2017-Customs Import of point of sale (PoS) terminal devices, its cells & batteries and labelling requirements thereof-reg.
13-Jan-2017 Circular No. 02/2017-Customs Amendments effective from 15.01.2017 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback - reg.
23-Nov-2016 Circular No. 55/2016-Customs Reducing/eliminating printouts in Customs Clearance - regarding
22-Nov-2016 Circular No. 54/2016-Customs Regarding further rationalization of revised simplified procedure for fixation of brand rates
18-Nov-2016 Circular No. 53/2016-Customs Regarding clearance of import of metal scrap-Procedure
15-Nov-2016 Circular No. 52/2016-Customs Regarding deferred payment of Customs duty
31-Oct-2016 Circular No. 50/2016-Customs All Industry Rates of Drawback and other Drawback related changes -reg.
27-Oct-2016 Circular No. 49/2016- Customs Transferability of goods imported/procured by debiting duty in SFIS scrips– regarding
26-Oct-2016 Circular No. 48/2016-Customs Clearance of import of metal scrap-Procedure-regarding
23-Sep-2016 Circular No. 45/2016 - Customs Explains option extended by DGFT for surrendering one benefit in case of simultaneous issuance of SHIS and Zero duty EPCG/PE EPCG
22-Sep-2016 Circular No. 44/2016 - Customs Regarding setting up of `Custom Clearance Facilitation Committee` (CCFC) for Land customs stations and Inland Container Depots
31-Aug-2016 Circular No. 42/2016-Customs Regarding Courier bond executed CCSPs
30-Aug-2016 Circular No. 41/2016-Customs Regarding admissibility of un-utilized cenvat credit of DTA unit converted into EOU
22-Aug-2016 Circular No. 38/2016-Customs Guidelines regarding Provisional Assessment under section 18 of the Custom Act, 1962
13-Aug-2016 Circular No. 37/2016 - Customs Special Advance Authorization under para 4.04A of FTP 2015-20 in combination with All Industry Rates (AIRs) of Duty Drawback
29-Jul-2016 Circular No.35/2016-Customs Removal of mandatory warehousing requirements for EOUs, STPIs, EHTPs etc. - Amendment to Notification 52/2003- Customs dated 31.03.2003
29-Jul-2016 Circular No. 36/2016-Customs Procedure for exports through FPO, Delhi / Mumbai / Chennai using ecommerce platform under MEIS Scheme of Chapter 3 of Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20)
22-Jul-2016 Circular No. 33/2016-Customs Review of entity based facilitation programmes viz. Accredited Client Programme (ACP) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programme — Revised Guidelines
09-May-2016 Circular No. 16/2016-Customs Audit Report No.15/2011-2012, Section 2 - Duty Drawback Scheme: Re-export under section 74 of Customs Act 1962 -regarding
27-Apr-2016 Circular No. 14/2016-Customs Carriage of coastal cargo from one Indian port to another port in vessels carrying out coastal runs- reg.
29-Mar-2016 Notification No. 11/2016-Customs (ADD) Seeks to levy definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of Tyre Curing Presses also known as Tyre Vulcanisers or Rubber Processing Machineries for tyres, excluding Six Day Light Curing Press for curing bi-cycle tyres originating in, or exported from China PR for a period of five years
28-Mar-2016 Circular No. 12/2016-Customs Prevention of use of non-genuine transferable duty credit scrips or DFIA (duty free import authorizations)
09-Feb-2016 Circular No. 4/2016-Customs Procedure for renewal of SVB orders and ongoing SVB inquiries under circular no. 11/2001 – Cus dated 23rd February 2001 - reg
09-Feb-2016 Circular No. 5/2016 -Customs Procedure for investigation of related party import cases and other cases by the Special Valuation Branches - reg
09-Feb-2016 Circular No. 06/2016-Customs Amendments effective 11.2.2016 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback - reg
06-Jan-2016 Circular No. 01/2016-Customs Regarding 24x7 clearance
04-Dec-2015 Circular No. 30/2015-Customs Regarding amendment to Board Circular No. 18/2015-Cus dated 9.06.2015
16-Nov-2015 Circular No. 29/2015-Customs Regarding All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback and other Duty Drawback related changes
23-Oct-2015 Circular No. 26/ 2015- Customs Use of digital signature for submission of documents ? regarding
15-Oct-2015 Circular No. 25 /2015-Customs Valuation of second hand machinery -regarding
14-Oct-2015 Circular No. 24 /2015- Customs Regarding improving Ease of Doing Business – Issuance of Electronic Delivery Orders
29-Sep-2015 Circular No. 23/2015 Customs Refund/Claim of Safeguard Duties as Duty Drawback
19-Aug-2015 Circular No. 21/2015-Customs Regarding Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme.
09-Jun-2015 Circular No. 18/2015- Customs Appointment of common adjudicating authority –regarding
09-Jun-2015 Circular No. 19/2015-Cus Revision of Handbook of Procedures (HBP)- Changes/ amendments in the EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP Schemes-reg.
19-May-2015 Circular No. 16/2015-Customs Simplified transit procedure for relief supplies destined to Nepal
18-May-2015 Circular No. 15/2015-Customs Dispensing with SDF form - reg.
20-Apr-2015 Circular No. 14 /2015- Customs Foreign Trade Policy 2015 - 2020 –Salient changes in Schemes of reward or incentive / advance authorization or DFIA / EPCG or post export EPCG
13-Apr-2015 Circular No. 13/2015-Customs Regarding setting up of ‘Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee’ (CCFC)
09-Apr-2015 12/2015 - Customs Regarding 4% SAD refund claim
01-Apr-2015 11/2015 Regarding facility for suo moto payment of customs duty in case of bona fide default in export obligation under the Advance / EPCG authorisations.
31-Mar-2015 10/2015 Regarding usage of Digital Signature Certificate in Remote EDI filing (RES) of Customs Documents.
11-Feb-2015 06/2015 Regarding amendments to certain All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback
28-Jan-2015 05/2015 Regarding Collection of anti-dumping duty beyond the validity period
20-Jan-2015 04/2015 Re-export of goods imported under bonafide mistake
16-Jan-2015 03/2015 Regarding Export and Import of Currency
31-Dec-2014 19/2014 Regarding 24x7 Customs clearance
18-Dec-2014 17/2014 Regarding authentication of supply invoice/ ARE-3 by the Central Excise Authorities for Claiming Deemed export benefits
18-Dec-2014 15/2014 Regarding norms for Execution of Bank Guarantee in respect of Advance License/Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Schemes
18-Dec-2014 16/2014 Regarding re-warehousing of goods imported and/or procured indigenously by EOU/EHTP/STP/BTP units
18-Nov-2014 13/2014 Regarding All Industry Rates (AIR) of Duty Drawback w.e.f. 22.11.2014
17-Nov-2014 12/2014 Regarding valuation/assessment practice in respect of export of Iron Ore
14-Nov-2014 11/2014 Clarification on method of calculation of safeguard duty leviable vide notification No.4/2012-Customs (SG) dated 05.10.2012 on import of Carbon Black under Advance Authorization Scheme
19-Aug-2014 09/2014 Regarding Guidelines for considering request for exemption from payment of Customs Duty under Section 25(2) of Customs Act, 1962
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