FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE BOGOTÁEEPC India is pleased to announce its next INDEE – Colombia to be held at Bogotá in Colombia during 4 - 8 October 2010. The show will be a part of FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE BOGOTÁ, the specialized highlight of the most representative Industrial Macro sector in the Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean. The event brings together the most varied and complete exhibit of industrial machinery, equipment, new technologies, technological advances, supplies, intermediate goods, raw materials and services related to the metallurgy, energy, packaging, plastics, air-conditioning, safety and related services industries. Click here for a synopsis on the 2009 Bogota International Fair.



Why choose EEPC India to exhibit at Colombia?


Colombia: One of the fastest growing Latin American economies

Colombia is the fifth largest country and the fourth largest economy in Latin America. Colombia’s industrialized economy benefits from diverse agricultural and natural resources.

The increased security combined with sound fiscal practices has allowed Colombia to become one of the more stable economies in the region. Moderate inflation of 7.6 percent in 2009 and a relatively stable political environment compared to neighbouring Andean countries make Colombia attractive as a business partner of future.

Colombia imported about US$ 14049.86 million worth of engineering goods in 2009. India’s exports of engineering goods to Colombia were to the tune of US$ 120.53 million in 2009, down from US$ 151.51 million in 2008. In 2009, India’s share in global engineering imports by Colombia was about 0.86%.

Colombia - becomes the star of the south

- An article in Newsweek, July 2010


Why Bogotá?

Bogotá is the main economic and industrial center of Colombia. In 2008 the city ranked as the fourth most influential financial center of Latin America. In the period 2003-2006, its commercial GDP grew by 10.3% annually, accounting for 25.3% of GDP national trade.

The city is one of the largest industrial centers in Latin America. Of the 248,000 companies in Bogotá, 78% are linked to service activities, contributing to 76% employment and 79% of GDP. The highest concentrations of industrial establishments are in Puente Aranda, Fontibón, Kennedy, Martyrs, and Barrios Unidos Engativá (in that order). Important businesses include the food industries, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, publishing and metalworking.