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HS Codes

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  HS Code Commodity Description
Iron and steel
  7201 Pig iron and spiegeleisen in pigs,blocks or othr primary forms
  7202 Ferro-alloys
  7203 Erus prdcts from direct reductn of iron ore & othr spngy fers prdcts in lmps,plltsetc; >=99.94% pure iron by wt in lumps etc
  7204 Ferrous waste and scrap,remelting scrap ingots of iron or steel
  7205 Grnl & pwdr,of pig iron,spglsn,iron/steel
  7206 Iron and non-alloy steel in ingots/othr primary forms(excl iron of
  7207 Semi-fnshd prdcts of iron/non-alloy steel
  7208 Flat-rolld prdcts of iron/non-alloy-stl ofwdth of>=600mm,ht-rlld,nt cld,pltd/coatd
  7209 Flt rlld prdcts of wdth>= 600mm,cold-rlld (cold-reduced),not clad,pltd/coatd
  7210 Flt-rlld prdcts of iron/non-aloy steel of wdth >=600 mm,clad,platd/coatd
  7211 Flt-rlld prdcts of iron/non-aloy stl of wdth600 mm,nt cld,pltd/coatd
  7212 Flt-rlld prdcts of iron/non-aloy steel of a wdth600 mm,clad,pltd/coatd
  7213 Bars & rods,ht-rlld,in irregularly wound coils,of iron/non-alloy stl
  7214 Othr bars & rods,forged,ht-rlld,ht-drwn/ ht-extrd,bt incl those twstd aftr rolng
  7215 Othr bars & rods of iron/non-alloy stl
  7216 Angls,shapes & sctns of iron/non-alloy stl
  7217 Wire of iron/non-alloy steel
  7218 Stainless stl in ingots/othr primry forms;semi-fnshd prdcts of stainless stl
  7219 Flt-rlld prdcts of stainless stl of wdth>=600 mm
  7220 Flat-rolled products of stainless steel, of a width of less than 600 mm
  7221 Bars & rods,ht-rolld,in irrglrly wound coils,of stnls stl
  7222 Othr bars & rods of stnls stl;angls,shapes& sections of stainless steel
  7223 Wire of stainless steel
  7224 Othr alloy stl in ingots/othr prmry forms;semi-fnshd prdcts of othr alloy stl
  7225 Flt-rlld prdcts of othr alloy stl of wdth 600 mm or more
  7226 Flt-rld prdcts of a width of 600 mm
  7227 Bars & rods,ht-rlld,in irglrly wound coils,of othr alloy steel
  7228 Thr bars,rods,angls,shps,sctns of othr alloy stl,hollow drill bars & rods of alloy or non-alloy stl
  7229 Ire of other alloy steel
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